58 backers and $2,081 later, our kickstarter is off to an amazing start! 

“Stories of Hope and Courage: Homelessness in the ShowMe State” is still going strong and we’d love to have even more support! Let’s keep the ball rolling. 

Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported us so far; we couldn’t do this without you. 

Our wonderful backers…

David Bigler
Nathaniel Carroll
Ryan Spearman & Kelly Wells
Dana Gredysa
Mary Clemons
Cheryl Green
C.A. Stavridis
Nicole Hollway
Kira Hudson Banks
Matt Parker
Allen Gathman
Curt Sobolewski
David Sweeney
Aaron B
Rachel See
Henry Goldkamp
Stefanie Pearlman
Jessica Park
Grace Lee
Kelsi Feltz
James Spell
Sara Collier
Tony Albrecht
Laura Gitelson
Megan Devine
Ryan McArdle
Tricia Roland-Hamilton
Meredith Hoog
Nadya Chadwick
Sheridan Wigginton
Aliah Baker Holman
Diedre Bodine
Marlee Thomas
Jocelyn Brennan-Witzel
Erin Brooks 
Tiffany Newston
Chelsea Neil
Matt Orso
Will Halaz
Don Lummus
Meghan Ault
Jordan Sparrow
Mariah Jo Vandiver
Ellen Taylor
Herman Lui
Justus Arnett
Lane Scherer
Barbara Finch

Plus 8 other fabulous people, whose names Kickstarter hasn’t released yet.

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