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St. Louis American: Deaconess to invest $2M in five ‘anchor institutions’: ACLU of Missouri Foundation, ArchCity Defenders, MCU among grantees


RiverFront Times: For ArchCity Defenders’ New Director, Blake Strode, Home Is Where the Injustice Was

St. Louis Public Radio: ArchCity Defenders executive director Thomas Harvey to leave St. Louis, start national project

St. Louis American: Thomas Harvey looks back on work of ArchCity Defenders

St. Louis American: ArchCity Defenders sues to close Workhouse, claims violations of …

RiverFront Times: ‘Unspeakably Hellish’ St. Louis Workhouse Targeted in Class-Action …

St. Louis Public Radio: ArchCity Defenders sues over conditions at St. Louis’ medium security jail

KMOV: Lawsuit cites inhumane conditions in St. Louis ‘workhouse’

Washington Post: Lawsuit cites “inhumane” conditions in St. Louis jail

Washington Post: The Latest: Mayor’s office: St. Louis jail often inspected

Business Insider: ‘Inhumane conditions’ at this jail include rodent feces, mold: suit

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Heat, mold, rats and spiders: Former workhouse inmates sue St …

KMOV: Lawsuit cites inhumane conditions in St. Louis ‘workhouse’

St. Louis American: Blake Strode to lead ArchCity Defenders

The Patch: Detective In Honking Stop Has A History Of Complaints Against Him

RiverFront Times: Cop in Viral Horn-Honk Video IDed as Member of Force …



St. Louis Magazine: The History of Protests in St. Louis

The Nation: In 2017, It’s Still a Crime to Be Poor

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Rev. Larry Rice tries to solidarity with people at St. Louis tent encampment

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis activists urge ‘no’ vote on half-cent sales tax increase for police department

KMOV: Hope House serves as beacon of hope for Jennings students

Missouri Lawyers Media:

RiverFront Times: County Police Officials Are a No-Show for Hearing on Galleria Arrests

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Suit: Arnold jailed woman for 27 days for failure to pay traffic tickets

People’s World: Two weeks after Stockley verdict, St. Louis activists release demands


New York Times Editorial Board: The Lingering Damage of Ferguson’s Racism

National Public Radio: 1A: How Safe Is Missouri?

National Public Radio: All Things Considered: City Of Ferguson’s Dropped Charges ‘Just Another Step’ Amid ‘Systemic Failure’

 Washington Post: After 5 years, Ferguson drops charges against black man cited as victim of biased policing


RiverFront Times: In North City Home, Evictions Come Swiftly

Huffington Post: Navy Vet Went Through ‘Pure Hell’ After Arrest By A Troubled Ferguson Cop. Now He’s Suing



St. Louis Public Radio: City officials hope temporary AC will cool protests over conditions at St. Louis jail

St. Louis American: Activists brave heat to protest sweltering conditions experienced by Workhouse inmates



RFT: New Homeless Shelter Near Downtown to Replace Weed Control Warehouse

NY Daily News: St. Louis woman sues police, claiming unlawful Taser use during her arrest at a 2015 protest

Mic: St. Louis-area school board member sues police for using stun gun against her at 2015 protest

St. Louis American: St. Louis needs to reach for new approaches to curb violence

The Root: Color of Change, Movement for Black Lives Join National Father’s Bail Out Day



RiverFront Times:  #BlackMamasBailoutSTL Aims to Free Jailed St. Louis Moms for Mother’s Day

St. Louis Public Radio: Court fees and fines studied as part of new multi-state report …

St. Louis American: City counselor called warehouse for homeless the ‘Taj Mahal’



St. Louis American: Krewson inherits homeless crisis from Slay

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis agrees to close temporary homeless shelter in Weed Control building



U.S. News and World Report: Judge Doesn’t Immediately Halt St. Louis Shelter Plan

RiverFront Times: ArchCity Defenders Seek Last-Minute Reprieve for Homeless in St Louis

Post-Dispatch: Lawsuit alleges new St. Louis homeless shelter ‘not suitable for …

Post-Dispatch: Messenger: St. Louis has plan to warehouse the homeless north of downtown, literally



St. Louis American: Family of Tyler Gebhard claim police, prosecutor using Post to …

NPR: National Panel Advises Judges On People Who Can’t Pay Court Fees



AP: Some question push for tougher penalties for attacking cops

St. Louis American: Sam Henderson: From cop to legal advocate

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Report looks at national impact of municipal court fines and fees on poor, people of color




Deadline to receive settlement from Jennings Municipal Court cases fast approaching, KTVI

Cities Revoke Licenses to Shake Down the Poor, The Progressive

For many, the suburbs provide no escape from poverty, CBS MoneyWatch

Robin Smith says: Vote No on Amendment 6, St. Louis American

ArchCity Defenders could hire the nation’s brightest lawyers, but how will they be paid?, St. Louis American



Protesters Charged with Caroling in St. Louis Aldermanic Meeting Win Acquittal, RiverFront Times

The Dream Revisited: Suburban Poverty & Segregation, NYU’s Furman Center Blog

Push to keep “gypsy cops” with questionable pasts off the streets, CBS This Morning

No place for children – In a grim criminal justice center, the presence of the very young is a fact, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Editorial: Missouri Supreme Court blinks on reforming municipal courts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

‘Transformative’ or more of the same? Perspectives vary on new municipal court standards, St. Louis Public Radio

City of Jennings to pay $4.7 million settlement for ticketing practices (video), KMOV

UNI to host speaker Monday, Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Black Lives Matter: Advocating for Racial Justice in St. Louis County (blog), The Impact Fund

Legal experts warn modern-day “debtors’ prisons” on rise in US (video), PoliticKing with Larry King

Nov. 24 deadline to collect in Jennings settlement, $4.7M to compensate those it wrongly jailed, The St. Louis American

Nashville testing ground for justice reform program, The Tennessean

Criminal Justice Debt: Forcing Poor Black Americans to Pay for Their Incarceration, The ShadowProof Blog



Does Diversifying Police Forces Reduce Tensions?, Pew Charitable Trusts: Stateline

Can diverse police departments ease community tension?, PBS

An Arkansas Judge Sent A Cancer Patient To ‘Debtors’ Prison’ Over A Few Bounced Checks, Huffington Post

How do so many people get away with driving uninsured?, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Are police ticketing practices creating a tinder box in black community?, CNN

Are police ticketing practices creating a tinder box in black community?, St. Louis American

Obama Justice Department Joins The Fight Against America’s Bail Industry, Huffington Post

‘They Are Incentivized to Arrest People Because It Raises Money’ CounterSpin interview with Donna Murch on for-profit punishment, Fair

Lawsuit Accuses Missouri Towns of Squeezing Money Out of Poor People, NBC Nightly News

Editorial: Lawsuits should prompt more municipal court reform, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Messenger: Ferguson’s bumbling court costs Naval vet his security clearance, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses 13 Missouri Cities Of Running ‘Debtors Prisons’, NPR: All Things Considered

Suit takes aim at ‘debtors’ prisons’ in St. Louis County cities, St. Louis Public Radio

Lawsuit accuses St. Louis-area municipalities of creating ‘debtors’ prisons’ with traffic fines, New York Daily News

Missouri: Lawsuit Accuses Cities of Running Debtors’ Prisons, Democracy Now!

Groundbreaking Lawsuit Targets ‘Extortionist’ Cities Near Ferguson That Lock Poor People In Cages, Huffington Post

Ferguson protesters claim malicious prosecution in $20 million lawsuit, The Washington Post

St Louis-area municipalities sued over alleged discriminatory ‘debtors’ prisons’, The Guardian

Lawsuit alleges North County cities created debtor’s prison (video), KSDK

Suit seeks $20 million, alleging wrongful arrests, prosecutions in Ferguson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Lawsuit Charges 13 St. Louis Suburbs With ‘Extorting’ Black Drivers (video), NBC News

North County cities ran debtors prisons, lawsuit says, St. Louis Business Journal

Ferguson Protesters Sue City Over Wrongful Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, RiverFront Times

Groundbreaking lawsuit targets ‘Extortionist’ North County cities that lock poor people in cages, St. Louis American

Ferguson-Area Cities “Terrorizing” Poor Through Modern-Day Debtors’ Prisons: Federal Lawsuit, Common Dreams

Lawsuit Accuses Municipalities of Targeting the Poor, ABC News

Lawsuit filed against St. Louis municipalities for ‘debtors’ prison scheme’, The Missouri Times

Suit Filed Against Ferguson on Behalf of 4 Protesters, (KBIA, AP Wire)

Lawsuit Accuses Missouri Towns of Squeezing Money Out of Poor People, NBC Nightly News, August 21, 2016

Are police ticketing practices creating a tinder box in black community?, CNN, Sara Sidner, August 19, 2016

Ferguson protesters claim malicious prosecution in $20 million lawsuit, The Washington Post, Sarah Larimer, August 10, 2016

Lawsuit Charges 13 St. Louis Suburbs With ‘Extorting’ Black Drivers, NBC News, Brenda Breslauer, August 9, 2016


Missouri City to Pay $4.7 Million to Settle Suit Over Jailing Practices, New York Times, Campbell Robertson, July 15, 2016


This Year’s Top 5 Reasons They’re Attacking ‘Greedy’ Trial Lawyers & ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits, The Legal Examiner, Arthur Bryant, June 22, 2016

Forum helps St. Louis residents learn more about Democratic circuit attorney candidates, NPR, Rachel Lippmann, June 18, 2016

Homeless no more, St. Louis man is model for city’s new strategy, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tony Messenger, June 10, 2016

Police Boast New Informant App Caught First ‘Criminal’: Man Panhandling, Alternet, Sarah Lazare, June 6, 2016

St. Louis Police Chief catching heat over tweet touting crime fighting app, Fox 2 Now, Erika Tallan, June 3, 2016

Needed: a mega-muni in North County, Fox 2 Now, Staff, June 2, 2016

Ferguson city attorney, target of protestors in recent months, resigns position, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Staff Reports, May 24, 2016

Messenger: Stephanie Karr’s legal memo gets a rewrite, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tony Messenger, May 20, 2016

Messenger: Pine Lawn residents take back their city, one vote at a time, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tony Messenger, May 13, 2016

Ferguson loses three more cases against protesters, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tony Messenger, May 13, 2016

Editorial: Ferguson should get over it, drop failure-to-comply cases, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board, May 2, 2016

Struggling single mother jailed over accidental fire finds outpouring of help, The Guardian, Joanna Walters, April 24, 2016

Reforming the broken municipal court system, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dave Leipholtz, April 7, 2016
What’s next for municipal court reform? A conversation with Starsky Wilson and Thomas Harvey, St. Louis Public Radio, Kelly Moffitt, March 30, 2016

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Announces Panelists for Briefing Related to Municipal Policing and Courts: A Search for Justice or a Quest for Revenue, PR Newswire, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, March 11, 2016

Dirty Pine Lawn Cop Steven Blakeney Sued by Women in Abduction Case, River Front Times, U.S. Doyle Murphy, March 1, 2016
St. Louis County sued over warrantless arrest system, RT, February 26, 2016

Courts should abolish cash bail, The St. Louis American, Editorial Board, February 25, 2016

Debtors’ Prison in 21st-Century America, The Atlantic, Whitney Benns and Blake Strode, February 23, 2016
Lawsuit Details Police Brutality, Evidence Tampering in March 2015 Arrest of Ferguson Protesters, River Front Times, Sarah Frenske, January 28, 2016

Class-Action Suit Targets “Illegal” Florissant Court Fees, River Front Times, Sarah Frenske, January 22, 2016



Woman Who Spoke At The White House This Month Nearly Spent Christmas Homeless, Huffington Post, Mariah Stewart, December 30, 2015

Woman sues Ferguson police officer, alleges unreasonable arrest at accident scene, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Valerie Schremp Hahn, December 8, 2015

As DOJ Zeros In On Profit-Driven Policing, Advocates Urge Crackdown, Huffington Post, Ryan J. Reilly, December 2, 2015
North County munis file suit against muni reform law, The St. Louis American, Mariah Stewart & Jason Rosenbaum, November 25, 2015

Who Gets a Public Defender?, Pacific American, Steven Hsieh, November 18, 2015

How Did We Become Incarceration Nation?, Huffington Post, Les Leopold, November 3, 2015

Why America has more prisoners than any police state, Raw Story, Les Leopold, November 2, 2015
Ferguson Considers Settling Suit Over ‘Debtors Prison’ Abuses, Huffington Post, Ryan J Reilly & Mariah Stewart, October 20, 2015
Cash Bail and Jail Fees Penalize the Poor in Municipal Court, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer Mann, September 6, 2015


Municipal Courts Make Major Changes Before New Law Takes Effect, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jeremy Kohler, August 28, 2015

ACLU Blasts St. Louis County for Belatedly Charging Ferguson Demonstrators, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Steve Geigerich, August 19, 2015

Municipal Court Officials Prep,are for Major Reforms, In Secret, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer Mann, August 14, 2015


Almost a year after Ferguson, Missouri passes court reforms, Governing Tribune News Service, July 13, 2015

Sweeping’ court reform comes as Nixon signs bill to cap cities’s revenue, end prefatory habits, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Patrick, Stephen Deere, July 10, 2015

Victory: Ferguson’s shady court system just got a major reform, Fusion Daniel Rivero, Jorge Rivas, July 9, 2015

Missouri governor to take action on municipal court reform bill today, St. Louis American, Rebecca Rivas, July 9, 2015

Is Bail Unconstitutional?, Slate Neyfakh, July 2, 2015


Justice Department Faults Ferguson Protest Response, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Christine Byers, June 30, 2015

Ferguson Working Groups Recommends Big Structural Changes to Municipal Courts, St. Louis Public Radio, Rachel Lippmann, June 24, 2015

Ferguson Commission Seeks ‘Transformational’ Changes to Municipal Courts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer S. Man, June 23, 2015

How the Post-Dispatch Shamed a Possible Rape Victim–and Embarrassed Itself, Riverfront Times, Sarah Fenske, June 22, 2015

Municipal Courts: a progress report on reforms, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer S. Mann & Jeremy Kohler, June 20, 2015

Ferguson: If Negligent and Careless Poor People Can’t Make Bail, It’s Their Fault, Huffington Post, Ryan J. Reilly & Mariah Stewart, June 10, 2015

Velda City Agrees Not to Jail People for Failing to Post Bail for Minor Offenses, KMOV St. Louis, Mugo Odigwe, June 5, 2015

St. Louis Suburb Settles Suit over Municipal Court Bonds , Southeast Missourian, Associated Press, June 5, 2015

Suburban St. Louis’ Velda City Settles Federal Lawsuit over Municipal Court Bonds, Daily Journal, Associated Press, June 4, 2015

Blake Strode leaves Harvard Law for ArchCity Defenders, St. Louis American, Rebecca Rivas, June 4, 2015

Settlement in federal lawsuit abolishes cash bail for Velda City offenses, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Valerie Schremp Hahn, June 3, 2015

St. Louis considers $1 billion budget, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 1, 2015


Lawsuit alleges St. Ann violates the rights of the poor, St. Louis Business Journals, Vince Brennan, May 29, 2015

Lawsuit: St. Louis suburb’s courts violate rights of poor, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, Jim Suhr, May 29, 2015

Legal roundtable panelists discuss gun crimes, voter photo ID, more, St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU), Alex Heuer, May 28, 2015

St. Ann Courts Violate Rights of Poor, Alleges Lawsuit, KMOV St. Louis, Mugo Odigwe, May 28, 2015

Municipal Courts Must Be Constitutional, St. Louis American, Editorial Board, May 28, 2015

St. Ann municipal court violates rights of the poor, class-action lawsuit says, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Valerie Schremp Hahn, May 27, 2015

Municipalities Ticket for Trees and Toys as Traffic Revenue Declines , St Louis Post Dispatch, Jennifer S. Mann, May 24, 2015

Historic Committee has Missouri’s Judicial Integrity in Its Hands, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board, May 22, 2015

St. Louis Police have used StingRay technology for years — They just won’t talk about it, Riverfront Times, Jessica Lussenhop, May 20, 2015

Should Pagedale be allowed to continue No Fare Metro Citations?, Fox2 St. Louis, Elliott Davis, May 19, 2015

Ferguson Signals the New Civil Rights Frontier for Changemakers: Transforming our Courts, Huffington Post, May 17, 2015

Two bills Nixon must sign into law, St. Louis American, May 14, 2015

Why the US needs black lawyers even more than it needs black police, The Guardian, Yolanda Young, May 11, 2015

Why the US needs black lawyers even more than it needs black police, The Guardian, Yolanda Young, May 11, 2015

Why the US needs black lawyers even more than it needs black police, The Guardian, Yolanda Young, May 11, 2015

Legislature sends municipal court reforms to Gov. Nixon, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Virginia Young, May 7, 2015

Marilyn Mosby is example of why black lawyers matter, On Being a Black Lawyer, Yolanda Young, May 4, 2015

Some see Bar as too quiet on muni courts, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, Catherine Martin, May 4, 2015

What it was like to be jailed in Baltimore after the riots, Newsweek, Polly Mosendz, May 1, 2015

Baltimore’s Big, Bad Bail Problem, Newsweek, Polly Mosendz, May 1, 2015


A former banking CEO wants to solve prison recidivism in St. Louis — and the entire country ,Riverfront Times, Jessica Lussenhop, April 30, 2015

Ferguson’s Fortune 500 Company, The Atlantic, Walter Johnson, April 26, 2015

Stenger is right to avoid Better Together, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 24, 2015

Missouri House OKs plan to limit traffic ticket revenue to St. Louis County cities, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 23, 2015

St. Louis Parking Ticket Policy Is a Racket, Class-Action Suit Alleges, Riverfront Times, Sarah Fenske, April 17, 2015

ArchCity Defenders saw problems with municipal courts before Ferguson turmoil, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Koran Addo, April 15, 2015

ArchCity Defenders saw problems with municipal courts before Ferguson turmoil, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Koran Addo, April 15, 2015

7 remarkably cruel instance of class warfare in America, Salon, Alex Henderson, April 10, 2015

Muni court law pitched as judicial infringement, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, Scott Lauck, April 10, 2015

80 municipal courts in St. Louis County agree to uniform fines for ordinance violations, KBIA 91.3 (NPR), Rachel Lippmann, April 10, 2015

Following Lawsuit, Tiny St. Louis Suburb Ends Its “Illegal” Bail System that Jailed the Poor, Huffington Post, Ryan J. Reilly, April 9, 2015

Meet the newest Ferguson protestor: Bob McCulloch, St. Louis American, April 9, 2015

Municipal court revenue limits debated in Jefferson City, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 8, 2015

Velda City Sued in Federal Court Over Bail Amounts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  Jennifer S. Mann, April 8, 2015

Missouri Supreme Court to take up Macks Creek Law, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer S. Mann & Stephen Deere, April 6, 2015

Supreme Court to weigh updated Macks Creek Law, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, Scott Lauck, April 6, 2015

Judge in Tiny City Facing Lawsuit Over System is Running for Ferguson City Council, Huffington Post, Ryan J. Reilly and Mariah Stewart, April 6, 2015

Editorial: Missouri Supreme Court must not outsource judicial integrity, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 3, 2015

How Municipalities in STL County Use Police As Armed Tax Collectors, The St. Louis American, Ryan Reilly and Mariah Stewart, April 2, 2015

Municipal court reforms include no new charges for missing court date, Missouri speaker says, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 1, 2015

Republicans, Professors Join Forces to Fight Ferguson ‘Debtors’ Prison’, The College Fix, Nathan Rubbelke, April 1, 2015


Police settle lawsuit on use of chemical agents in Ferguson, People’s World, Riley Winters, March 30, 2015

A web of lawyers play different roles in different courts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer S. Mann, Jeremy Kohler, Stephen Deere, March 29, 2015

Law firm that specializes in municipality now coming under increased scrutiny, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stephen Deere, March 28, 2015

Police settle with Ferguson Protesters, Courthouse News, Joe Harris, March 27, 2015

Police settle Ferguson protesters’ lawsuit, restrict use of teargas, Reuters, March 27, 2015

Ferguson Unrest: Missouri Police Agencies Agree to Limit Use of Tear Gas on Protesters, NBC News, March 27, 2015

Settlement Reached: Police Must Warn Before Use of Tear Gas or Other Chemical Agents, Rachel Lippman, KWMU, March 26, 2015

Fleece Force: How Police and Courts around Ferguson Bully Residents and Collect Millions , Huffington Post, Ryan J. Reilly and Mariah Stewart, March 26, 2015

Police Settle Lawsuit Over Tear Gas Use During Ferguson Protests, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 26, 2015

How Ferguson-area courts bully residents to balance local budgets, in one video, Vox, German Lopez, March 26, 2015

Overlapping judges, prosecutors weave tangled web in St. Louis municipal courts, St. Louis American, Durrie Bouscaren & Brent Jones & Katelyn Petrin & St. Louis Public Radio, March 23, 2015

Editorial: Municipal court officials play hide the records, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board, March 22, 2015

Ferguson municipal court resumes with new judge, AlJazeera America, March 20, 2015

New judge hears court cases in Ferguson, KSDK, Farrah Fazal, March 20, 2015

DOJ report puts STL region on notice, St. Louis American, March 12, 2015

Ferguson Police Chief Resigns After Scathing Justice Dept. Report, Yahoo/Reuters, Carey Gillam, March 11, 2015

Experts Say Municipal Court Reforms are Coming, But Don’t Know How or What, St. Louis Public radio, William H. Freivogel, March 10, 2015

New Ferguson Judge Has Wide Latitude to Make Changes, NPR, Rachel Lippmann, March 10, 2015

Supreme Court finds its courage in Ferguson. Now what?, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board, March 10, 2015

Ferguson, Mo., lawsuit exposes debtors’ prisons for traffic tickets, The Militant, Brian Williams, March 9, 2015

Missouri Senators Continue to Examine Muni Court Issues, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Alex Stuckey, March 9, 2015

Missouri Supreme Court takes over cases in Ferguson; judge resigns, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 9, 2015

Ferguson Judge Named in DOJ Report Resigns, KSDK St. Louis, Alexandra Martellaro and Elizabeth Matthews, March 9, 2015

Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 in unpaid taxes, The Guardian, Jon Swaine, March 6, 2015

Amy Goodman: A troubling look at race in America, The Spokesman-Review, Amy Goodman, March 6, 2015

Justice Department slams Ferguson police for pattern of racial bias, Vox, German Lopez, March 6, 2015

Small towns like Ferguson rely on fines for their budgets. Here’s what that looks like. Vox, German Lopez, March 6, 2015

Ferguson judge who jails those who don’t pay fines has a huge tax debt: Jarvis DeBerry, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), Jarvis DeBerry, March 6, 2015

Ferguson Official Who makes $1,500 an Hour via Rinky-Dink Fines owes $170,000 in Back Taxes, Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley, March 6, 2015

Fine-Friendly Ferguson Judge Owes $170K in Back Taxes, ColorLines, Carla Murphy, March 6, 2015

DOJ has limited power to force changes in the area’s municipal courts, St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU), William H. Freivogel, March 6, 2015

The Department of Justice is Asking Ferguson to Do the Impossible, Government Executive, Kriston Capps, March 5, 2015

The Problem is Way Bigger than Ferguson, Justice Department Report Reveals, Huffington Post, Matt Sledge & Ryan J. Reilly, March 5, 2015

Money Drove
Criminal Justice System in Ferguson, DOJ Report
, NPR, Joseph Shapiro, March 5, 2015

Ferguson shows how a police force can turn into a plundering ‘collection agency’, The Washington Post, Terrence McCoy, March 5, 2015

ustice Department delivers ‘searing’ report on Ferguson’s discriminatory practices, KBIA (NPR), William H. Freivogel, March 5, 2015

Pine Lawn court met by protestors, St. Louis American, Rebecca Rivas, March 5, 2015

Editorial: The hammer of justice falls on Ferguson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 4, 2015

Ferguson police, court showed pattern of racial bias, Department of Justice to Report, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 4, 2015

How Ferguson, Missouri, Uses Cops and the Courts to Prey on Its Residents, The Nation, Zoe Carpenter, March 4, 2015

From Crispus Attucks to Michael Brown: Race and Revolution, TruthDig,  Amy Goodman, March 4, 2015

Top US Lawman Calls for Police, Court Reform in Ferguson, Voices of America, News, March 4, 2015

Ferguson Police, Courts Violated Minorities’ Civil Rights, Justice Department Says, Newsweek, Victoria Bekiempis, March 4, 2015

Report on Ferguson Exposes Broader Effort to Reform Municipal Courts, NBC News, Jon Schuppe, March 3, 2015

Justice finds patterns of race bias in Ferguson, Politico, Adam B. Lerner, March 3, 2015


Locked up for Being Poor, The Atlantic, Jessica Pishko, February 25, 2015

Department of Justice Goes after Ferguson Police Department, TYT Network, Aaron Wysocki, February 19, 2015

Ferguson Lawsuit: Justice Department ready to sue police for Racial Discrimination, Report says, International Business Times, Morgan Winsor, February 18, 2015

Justice Department ‘Seriously Examining’ Ferguson Race Case, Politico, Adam B. Lerner and Josh Gerstein, February 17, 2015

Suit Alleges Jails Operate as Debtors Prisons, MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry, February 15, 2015

Debtor’s prisons are illegal in America. Missouri locked me up in one anyway, The Guardian, Nicole Bolden, February 12, 2015

 Are America’s Jails Used to Punish Poor People?, CBS News, Aimee Picchi, February 11, 2015

Ferguson Residents Challenges “Modern Debtors’ Prison Scheme” Targeting blacks with fines, arrests, Democracy Now, February 10, 2015

“They are kept in the same clothes for weeks”: 15 citizens filed lawsuit against Ferguson and its jail conditions, Madame Noire, Lauren R.D. Fox, February 10, 2015

Ferguson sued for municipal fines & jailing those who can’t pay, RT (Russia), Reuters, February 10, 2015

Does Ferguson Run ‘Debtors Prison’? Lawsuit Targets a Source of Unrest., The Christian Science Monitor, Harry Bruinius, February 9, 2015

Lawsuits take aim at so-called debtors’ prisons in Missouri, AlJazeera America, Philip J. Victor, February 9, 2015

Ferguson and Jennings Sued for Throwing Poor People in Debtors’ Prisons, RFT, Danny Wicentowski, February 9, 2015

Ferguson Residents File Lawsuit Alleging Constitutional Violations, The Wall Street Journal, Ben Kesling, February 9, 2015

Ferguson lawsuit shines a light on America’s surprisingly lucrative court systems, Fusion, Daniel Rivero, February 9, 2015

New Lawsuit calls Ferguson Jails “Debtors’ Prisons”, City sued for putting “impoverished people” behind bars, Global Grind, Global Grind Staff, February 9, 2015

Lawsuit calls Ferguson a ‘modern debtors’ prison’, The Week,  Meghan DeMaria, February 9, 2015

Ferguson lawsuit sues city over alleged jailing of people too poor to pay fines, The Guardian, Lauren Gambino, February 9, 2015

Lawsuit Alleges Ferguson, MO, Legal System Violates Constitutional Protections, The Wall Street Journal, Ben Kesling, February 9, 2015

Ferguson disputes federal lawsuit’s claims of poor conditions at jail, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Staff reports, February 9, 2015

Lawsuits call Ferguson, Jennings jails debtors’ prisons, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Paul Hampell, February 9, 2015

Missouri bill would get tough with cities that rely too much on traffic tickets, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 9, 2015

Lawsuits: St. Louis County town jails are ‘debtors prisons’, NY Times,  Associated Press, February 9, 2015

Jail Time for Unpaid Court Fines and Fees Can Create Cycle of Poverty, NPR, Joseph Shapiro, February 9, 2015

Jail Time for Unpaid Court Fines and Fees Can Create Cycle of Poverty, NPR, Joseph Shapiro, February 9, 2015

Lawsuit filed against Ferguson and Jennings, KSDK, Ryan Dean, February 9, 2015

Missouri Cities, including Ferguson, Sued Over ‘Grotesque’ Jail Conditions, Los Angeles Times, Matt Pearce, February 8, 2015

Civil rights attorneys sue Ferguson over ‘Debtors Prisons’, NPR, Joseph Shapiro, February 8, 2015

Missouri cities sued over municipal court practices, Washington Post, Spencer S. Hsu, February 8, 2015

Municipal Court Reforms Gaining Momentum, But How Far Will They Go, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jeremy Kohler and Jennifer S. Mann, February 2, 2015


Municipal Court Personnel Get First Peek at Proposed Reforms Post-Ferguson, St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU), Rachel Lippmann, January 30, 2015

Justice Dept. Will Reportedly Clear Ferguson Police Officer in Brown Case, NPR, Bill Chappell, January 21, 2015

How Expensive It Is To Be Poor, New York Times, OP-Ed, Charles M. Blow, January 18, 2015

Racism Permeates Local Criminal Justice Systems, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Op-Ed Brendan D. Roediger and Thomas Harvey, January 16, 2015

North County Municipalities Talk About Merger of Courts Before Reforms are Forced on Them, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stephen Deere, January 8, 2015

Clergy Rally behind Jailed Protestor, The St. Louis American, Bridjes O’Neil, January 8, 2015

Missouri Supreme Court Sets Rules for Muni Court Fines, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jeremy Kohler, January 7, 2015

Missouri Supreme Court Wades Into Ferguson. Excellent., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board, January 7, 2015

Missouri Supreme Court Eases Penalty for Not Paying Court Fines, St. Louis Public Radio, William H. Freivogel, January 6, 2015




Warum Ferguson der Anfang war, Suddeutsche Zeitung, December 30, 2014

Glut of Municipal Government and services could make change after Ferguson difficult, St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU), Jason Rosenbaum December 21, 2014

This State is Cracking down on one of the most pernicious police practices, MIC, Gregory Krieg, December 19, 2014

Koster sues 13 St. Louis County municipalities over court fees, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jennifer S. Mann, Jeremy Kohler, Stephen Deere, December 19, 2014

Why Ferguson reforms are starting in traffic courts, Christian Science Monitor, Alan Scher Zagier, December 18, 2014

Activists Move from Ferguson to Traffic Court, Huffington Post, Alan Scher Zagier, December 18, 2014

Reformers Target Traffic Courts After Ferguson, NY Times (Associated Press), Associated Press, December 18, 2014

Ferguson Commission Eyes Overhaul of Region’s Municipal Courts, St. Louis Public Radio, Jason Rosenbaum, December 16, 2014

Editorial: Of court reform, corruption, Pine Lawn and Chesterfield, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board, December 16, 2014

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