Federal Judge Limits Use of Tear Gas and Other Agents on Protestors

Federal Judge limits the uses of tear gas and other chemical against on protestors. Arch City Defenders, Inc. Executive Director Thomas Harvey made opening and closing arguments, working with SLU Law Clinic and the Advancement Project, among others. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/judge-orders-st-louis-area-police-to-give-protesters-tear/article_d93628c7-cc4e-5dfa-9873-cd4baf59ad73.html
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58 backers and $2,081 later, our kickstarter is off to an amazing start! “Stories of Hope and Courage: Homelessness in the ShowMe State” is still going strong and we’d love to have even more support! Let’s keep the ball rolling. kck.st/1w1pbiN Thank...
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A Client’s Story

A Client’s Story as told by Staff Attorney, Stephanie Lummus: Walking into court one morning to offer services to homeless individuals, I noticed a man that looked as if he might be living on the street. He had several layers of clothes on and he smelled...
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