How to Apply

Need legal assistance? We may be able to help!



To apply for legal assistance, you can print and fill out this ArchCity Defenders Application for Legal Services.

Please return the completed application to our office in one of the following ways:


You may complete and submit our online application.



You may also call the ArchCity Defenders office at 855-724-2489 and we will mail you an application. If you leave a voicemail, please clearly state your full name and address so we can send an application as soon as possible.



You can also reach us by email at




ArchCity Defenders, Inc. and its agents are not your lawyers and have not agreed to represent you in any of your legal matters. Once you submit an application, ArchCity Defenders, Inc. will review and determine whether its lawyers can and will provide you with legal assistance. In receiving your application, ArchCity Defenders, Inc. is not agreeing to represent you in any legal matter.


Additionally, ArchCity Defenders, Inc. and its agents are not responsible for ensuring any statute of limitations requirements are met in your case or any court deadlines are met in any currently pending case or other legal proceedings you may have while your request for assistance is pending with its office.

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