Executive Staff: 

  • Thomas B. Harvey, Co-Founder and Executive Director:
  • Michael-John Voss, Co-Founder, Director of Operations, and Managing Attorney:
  • Theresa Dennis, Head Paralegal/Intake Coordinator:
  • Rebecca L. Gorley, Communications Director:
  • Jacki Langum, Director of Advocacy:

 Staff/Of Counsel:

  • Katina Morrow, Office Manager,
  • LaVell Thompson, Executive Assistant,
  • Nathaniel Carroll, Staff Attorney:
  • Andrew Cook, Staff Attorney:
  • Martha Ferdinand: Of Counsel:
  • Ed Hall, Staff Attorney:
  • Blake Strode, Skadden Fellow, Staff Attorney:
  • William Waller, Staff Attorney:
  • Beth Silverman, Paralegal/Civil Advocate,
  • Rachel Sommer, Paralegal/Civil Advocate:
  • Qiana Williams, Paralegal/Civil Advocate:


  • Donna Sitze, Accountant:
  • Dan Pate, Receptionist:


  • Cortez Whatley, Legal Intern:
  • Sharon Jones, Social Work Intern:
  • Gwen Smith, Social Work Intern:
  • Jacob Eikenberry, Social Work Intern:
  • Ian Mackey, Legal Intern:
  • Tyler Reder, Legal Intern:
  • Ira Gifford, Legal Intern:

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