Month: June 2019

Federal Judge: Cash Bail in St. Louis is Unconstitutional

Big Win for St. Louis Residents in Cash Bail Lawsuit Brought by ArchCity Defenders, Advancement Project National Office, Civil Rights Corps and Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and...

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ProPublica: A Lawsuit Over Ferguson’s “Debtors Prison” Drags On

The federal class-action claims thousands of people in Missouri were jailed because they couldn’t pay off fines. Four years after the suit was filed, the plaintiffs are still waiting,...

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ArchCity Defenders Announces Third Annual “Excellence in Poverty Journalism Awards” and Invites Community to Nominate Reporters

June 10, 2019 ArchCity Defenders, a civil rights nonprofit law firm, is pleased to announce the third annual “Excellence in Poverty Journalism Awards,” and invites the community to nominate...

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