Content Category: environmental racism

Report: Environmental Racism in St. Louis

A report by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic at Washington University in St. Louis to educate St. Louisans about environmental injustices that disproportionately harm Black and poor people.

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2021 ACD FSV Report: Death by the State: Police Killings and Jail Deaths in St. Louis

This groundbreaking report offers an introduction to the issue of Fatal State Violence (FSV) in St. Louis, Missouri. It provides an overview of killings by police and in custody...

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2015 ACD Report: It’s Not Just Ferguson: Consolidate the Municipal Courts

This 2015 report by ACD shows general trends in court practices and police conduct across St. Louis County municipalities and offers a series of potential reforms.

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2014 ACD Report: Municipal Courts Whitepaper

This 2014 ACD report highlighted racial disparities in traffic stops, excessive revenue generation, and excessive warrants and arrests. It confirms the lived experiences of poor and Black people in...

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A Plan to Close the Workhouse: 2020 Report

On January 14, 2020 at a press conference in City Hall, members of the Close the Workhouse campaign shared details of their report outlining a plan to permanently shutter...

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A Plan to Close the Workhouse and Promote a New Vision for St. Louis: 2018 Report

This 2018 CTW report is an indictment of the harms inflicted on people held at the Workhouse, mostly before they've had their day in court. It also paints a...

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