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“Defund. Re-Envision. Transform.” City of St. Louis Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Process Toolkit

April 22, 2021
DEFUND. RE-ENVISION. TRANSFORM. is a grassroots campaign anchored by Action St. Louis, CAPCR, Forward Through Ferguson, and ArchCity Defenders, which demands the defunding of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD), the re-envisioning public safety through reinvestment into community resources that actually keep our communities safe, and transformation of the St. Louis region.

Budget Process Toolkit


What’s in this toolkit?

Campaign Overview

Campaign Demands


Ideas for reinvestment

Ways to get involved and stay corrected




When we say “defund the police,” we mean the process of reallocating funds and responsibilities from the St. Louis police departments to community-based systems of safety, prevention, and de-escalation.

It is a demand to reduce the size, budgets, and power of all institutions that surveil, police, punish, incarcerate, and kill Black people to zero, and invest in building entirely new community infrastructures that will produce genuine safety and sustainability for our communities.

It is a demand to #DefendBlackLives by shutting off resources to institutions that harm us and redirecting them to meeting our communities’ needs and increasing our collective safety.

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