#ACDLive: The People’s Plan & Re-Envisioning Public Safety

We invite you to join us for our next #ACDLive, "Re-Envisioning Public Safety," a pillar of the People’s Plan, and its many intersections with ACD's work. This virtual session will include discussions and updates pertaining to ACD’s efforts to decriminalize poverty, close the Workhouse, defund the police, and protect privacy rights. To register click here. […]

Defund • Re-Envision • Transform – Facebook Live

Defund • Re-Envision • Transform is a grassroots campaign seeking to alleviate the root causes of violence in our region through the defunding of the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and the reinvestment of funds into the community. Join Defund • Re-Envision • Transform for a Facebook live event tonight to learn about […]

#ACDLive – Debtors’ Prisons in Rural Missouri

Zoom (register to attend)

  ArchCity Defenders has been working in Missouri's rural communities to challenge inhumane jail conditions and unconstitutional debt collection practices that caused some to spend time in jail for unpaid debts. Join our Special Projects team to learn more about this work and how you can get involved to help us make systemic change across […]