Wendy Werner Internship Program

Spend a semester with ArchCity Defenders

ArchCity Defenders’ Wendy Werner Internship Program is named in honor of our founding board chair, longtime career coach, mentor, and cherished friend, who passed away in January 2022 after a long battle with cancer.

To this day, Wendy’s influence still reverberates throughout our office, our work, and the positive impact we create in the lives of our clients and communities. In her spirit, we will continue to facilitate a place at ArchCity Defenders dedicated to the development of future leaders, thinkers, lawyers, and activists who will make the world better. Our internship program is one such place.

Since 2010, hundreds of students from St. Louis and across the country have been drawn to and supported ACD’s holistic legal advocacy as interns. Whether that is working with attorneys on direct representation or civil litigation, assisting our social work staff in providing critical services to clients, advancing our organizing and campaign efforts, or contributing to our media and policy advocacy, interns have had a meaningful impact with our clients and within this region we call home. 

ACD interns not only contribute during their internships; they sometimes become part of the dynamic staff at ACD and other law firms and organizations, go on to federal judicial clerkships, or earn prestigious fellowship positions.

Year-round, our interns leave big shoes to fill. 

ArchCity Defenders provides academic calendar as well as summer internship and externship opportunities for law students, social work practicum students, paralegal students, communications and digital media students, graphic design students, graduate students, undergraduates, and more.



Community collaborations

ACD’s Community Collaborations team assists people directly impacted by systems of oppression to get civically engaged through political education and organizing and seeks an intern with an enthusiastic desire to assist and serve others. A successful intern needs to be assertive, independent, persistent, empathetic, proactive, and flexible. They will need to take initiative, use problem-solving skills, see projects through to completion, and become a strong advocate for themselves and others. Helpful skill sets would be prior organizing experience, graphic design, and/or administration skills.



The operations intern supports the operations team in a variety of day-to-day operations and organizational duties. This role offers exposure to a variety of office, financial, HR, and administrative tasks, providing a mutually-beneficial learning experience and introduction to an office environment.