Media Clips

November 2019

KSDK: Grieving father wants City Workhouse shut down

Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Krewson wants credit for lower jail population but won’t finish the job

The Guardian: ‘They’re profiting off pain’: the push to rein in the $1.2bn prison phone industry

STL American: (Blake Strode) The audacity of the status quo

Kansas City Star: Missouri prosecutors hold all the cards. Public defenders and vulnerable clients fold

Valliant News: San Francisco reforms policies on homeless crimes

Post-Dispatch: Messenger: On coldest night of the year, this T.E.H. Realty tenant had no heat

STL American: (Editorial) ArchCity Defenders still saves lives and needs our support

STL American: ArchCity Defenders turns 10

STL Public Radio: ArchCity Defenders Celebrates 10 Years Of Advocacy, Growth

Post-Dispatch: Charges dismissed surrounding 2017 protest at West Lake Landfill entrance

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson apartment complex tenants seek class action lawsuit against T.E.H. Realty

Student Life (WUSTL): ‘An inherent inequality’: Law School report highlights environmental racism in St. Louis

October 2019

News Tribune: Missouri official: Not all slain children were innocent victims

KMOV: St. Louis public safety director defends comments after being accused of blaming child homicide victims

St. Louis American: Community groups condemn public safety director for ‘demonizing’ dead children

FOX2: Missouri official: Not all slain kids were innocent victims

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Not all children killed by guns were innocent victims, St. Louis public safety director asserts

September 2019

RiverFront Times: Are bad cops like Dustin Boone really outliers?

NBC: Washington University reports severe impact of environmental racism in black communities

MO Lawyers Weekly: Washington University reports impact of environmental racism

Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Unconstitutional application of cash bail makes St. Louis less safe, conservative group argues

KBIA/KWMU: St. Louis Public Safety Committee OK’s $5 Million For Cure Violence Program

Washington University of St Louis “Stud Life” Newspaper: We can’t wait: Get involved in local politics

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Pine Lawn woman’s suit claiming her 11-year-old daughter was used as bait by police settled for $550,000

KMOV: Officials weigh use of MSHP troopers to curb St. Louis gun violence

KMOV: St. Louis officer pleads guilty to covering up attack on fellow officer during Stockley protests

Yahoo News: Here’s what to do in St. Louis this week

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Who pays restitution when courts take illegal fees from defendants? Two Missouri cases will decide

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Rally at St. Louis City Hall backs spending more on social services, less on policing

Fox2: Former inmate alleges mistreatment, abuse in St. Charles County over Muslim faith

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Protest calls for closing of Workhouse jail

KBIA: Report Outlines ‘Environmental Racism’ In St. Louis

Governing: Addicted to Fines

ABC: Ben & Jerry’s debut flavor backing criminal justice reform

St. Louis American (Tishaura Jones): Real solutions to reduce violence

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Muslim man’s civil rights lawsuit points to Islamophobic Facebook posts of jailer

St. Louis American (editorial board): We share the calls for action and change from our community

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (editorial board): Editorial: Debunking the myths behind ‘close the Workhouse’ movement

St. Louis American: Report outlines ‘environmental racism’ in St. Louis

August 2019

Global Sisters Report: Racial divide worsens in Ferguson

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Punitive. Predatory. Dehumanizing. Criminal justice in St. Louis area has changed, but is it enough?

Slate: (Thomas B. Harvey) Real Progress in Ferguson Could Take a Generation

The Root: Mike Brown’s Death Changed the World, but Local Activists Say It Hasn’t Changed Ferguson

Dissent: From Police Violence to the City Budget

St. Louis American: A mother’s worst nightmare

New York Magazine: 5 Years After Ferguson, Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Have Gotten Worse

Fortune: Missing Toni Morrison: raceAhead

ColorLines: It’s Still Dangerous to Drive While Black in Ferguson

The Crime Report: 5 Years After Ferguson Protests, Black Missouri Drivers Stopped More Often Than Whites

St. Louis Public Radio: Municipal Courts Are Less Of A Cash Cow Five Years After Ferguson, But Problems Remain

New York Times: Stopped, Ticketed, Fined: The Pitfalls of Driving While Black in Ferguson

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Punitive. Predatory. Dehumanizing. Criminal justice in St. Louis area has changed, but is it enough?

July 2019

NPR, Morning Edition: Advocates Worry About A Growing Alternative To Pre-Trial Jailing

New York Times: Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt

NPR: Defendants Often Foot Bill of Costly Electronic Ankle Monitors

RiverFront Times: Jazmin Thought She’d Die on The Street. Now She Has A Home

St. Louis Public Radio: Thursday: Legal Roundtable Looks at Latest Local, National Developments

Filter Mag: Algorithm Using Racist Drug War Data to Determine Missourians’ Freedom

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Messenger: New plan to transport federal prisoners in St. Louis might be illegal– says city’s new memo

June 2019

KBIA: St. Louis-Area Leaders Want Action From Law Enforcement In Response to 2018 Vehicle Stops Report

AJ+: The Poor Go to Jail and the Rich Make Bail

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Guilty until proven wealthy: It’s time to close the Workhouse and end cash bail

St. Louis Post Dispatch : Judge rules that St. Louis jails can’t hold inmates who can’t pay

AJ+: Moms Behind Bars: How Cash Bail is Keeping Women in Jail

St. Louis American: Close the Workhouse finds allies in federal judge, Ben & Jerry’s

ABC (AP wire story): St. Louis jails can’t hold inmates who can’t pay

St. Louis Post Dispatch: St. Louis officials ask for delay in judge’s ruling; say they can’t hold bond hearings for 700 inmates in one week

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Federal Judge blasts St. Louis officials, judges for failure to comply with cash bail order

The Root: “Appalled” and “Disappointed”: Federal Judge Tells St. Louis to Stop Dragging Feet on Cash Bail Order

St. Louis American: City judges violate federal court ruling, continue to set bond amounts above residents’ means

AJ+: Arrested for being black: Racism In America’s Justice System

Riverfront Times: Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards From 2005 Homophobic Slur

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Civil Rights groups to St. Louis County: Stop Stonewalling on on jail deaths

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Two-tiered justice is the norm in Missouri, but times, they are a changin’

St. Louis Public Radio: With Film Series, ArchCity Defenders Aims to Spur Awareness and Action

Call Newspapers: Fourth jail inmate dies; investigation is ongoing (mentions ArchCity’s letter to Sam Page)

St. Louis Public Radio: Co-Founder, Law Professor Offer Analysis Of Missouri’s New Pretrial Rules

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Messenger: St. Louis must do better than we have in the past

St. Louis Post Dispatch: McClellan: Still supporting a crime czar


May 2019

The Missouri Times: St. Louis-based nonprofit announces launch of updated ‘Know Your Rights’ guide

St. Louis American: ArchCity relaunches ‘Pro Se STL’ guides to police, courts and jails

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Nonprofit Offers Updated Guide to Navigate Justice System

ProPublica: A Lawsuit Over Ferguson’s “Debtors Prisons” Drags On


April 2019

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Freedom at a price: Efforts to bail out the indigent under scrutiny after murder of St. Louis woman (cash bail suit mentioned)

RiverFront Times: Don’t Blame the Bail Project for Marcia Johnson’s Murder (bail suit mentioned)

St. Louis American: Links hosts Youth Political Empowerment Workshop

Johns Hopkins News-Letter: FAS hosts advocates for criminal justice reform

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Messenger: City leaders ‘feeling the heat’ as Close the Workhouse …

Harvard Law School News: Putting compassion into action

St. Louis American: Close the Workhouse campaign gains momentum

St. Louis American: President Reed: Help us ‘Close the Workhouse’ (Rev. Starsky Wilson op-ed)


March 2019

Missouri Lawyers Weekly: Dailey to lead ArchCity network

Essence: ‘Finding Justice’ on BET: A Conversation with Executive Producer Dream Hampton

BET: Finding Justice – Cash Bail – Season 1, Ep 2

BET: Finding Justice – Captain Melvin Diggs (Blake appearance)

St. Louis American: Mayor’s office, organization leaders write letters to St. Louis aldermen about the Workhouse

St. Louis American: Circuit attorney, public defender work together against pretrial detention

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Messenger: The math adds up, says head public defender in St. Louis –close the Workhouse

Investigative Post: A changing tide on license suspensions


February 2019

St. Louis AmericanFederal judge has opportunity to issue landmark ruling

RiverFront TimesPaying Bail in St. Louis? Better Have $45,000 Cash, on a Weekday

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Editorial: High cash bail without due process violates defendants’ fundamental rights

St. Louis Post-DispatchMessenger: In Missouri, the road to debtors’ prison starts with cash bail

RiverFront TimesTaking on Cash-Bail Policies, Missouri Supreme Court Aims to End Debtor’s Prisons


January 2019

KMOXArchCity Defenders Suing City of St. Louis Over Cash Bail System

WGEMLawsuit challenges St. Louis’ cash bail system

Missouri TimesArchCity Defenders, Georgetown Law, Advancement Project National Office, Civil Rights Corps file lawsuit, challenging St. Louis City cash bail system

JuristCity of St. Louis sued over cash bail system

U.S. News and World ReportLawsuit Challenges St. Louis’ Cash Bail System