Government Transparency

We’ve filed hundreds of record requests with public entities on behalf of our clients who have been shut out and want answers.

What were the events leading up to their loved one dying in jail?

Where did a public official get those stats from?

Where are the hundreds of use of force reports made by people detained in jail?  

Holistic Direct Services

ArchCity Defenders investigates instances in which a public entity withholds and/or issues questionable or conflicting information about a person, an event, or program. This work could entail filing a Sunshine or FOIA request.

Systemic Civil Rights Litigation

After multiple records requests, ArchCity and our partners have filed lawsuits challenging the obstruction of information.

Media & Policy Advocacy

ACD has released multimedia content highlighting the state’s resistance to providing requested information.

Our media and policy work includes:

Community Collaborations

ArchCity Defenders supports the calls for government transparency and accountability by participating in the following campaigns and programs: