Remembering Ms. Roslyn “Ros” Carter

Rosalyn & Roelif Carter
Rosalyn “Ros” & Earl “Roelif” Carter (Courtesy of Tyler Small)

As we close out March– a month when women and femmes are specifically and traditionally honored– we wish to remember and celebrate the life of Ms. Roslyn “Ros” Carter, who tragically passed away in the fall of last year. 

We knew Ms. Ros was a resilient strong Black woman, who survived many forms of state violence, and who persisted to make meaningful change. Ms. Ros was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend. 

Ms. Ros was always at the side of her husband, Mr. Earl Carter, and Ms. Ros was often the one leading the conversation. Pre-pandemic, we would see them at the office meeting with our paralegals and attorneys, welcoming us into their homes, and speaking with our media and social work teams. Ms. Ros and Mr. Earl continuously advocated for a St. Louis where every Black family all Black families in St. Louis could not only survive, but thrive. 

Although Ms. Roslyn was not a plaintiff in any of our lawsuits, many of her family members and loved ones have been, and Ms. Roslyn always served as part of the glue for these social networks; she was the first to call to check in, and she was always the first person we called to see how our clients were doing. 

As survivors of STL’s predatory policing, excessive court fines and fees, and unconstitutional debtors’ prisons – the Carters have advocated for a region with more basic resources and a region where less money was spent on the institutions that have jeopardized their family, and countless other Black families, for years and years. 

During the pandemic, Ms. Ros would often call our office, and speak to staff she’d known for several years.

We were fortunate to catch up with both her and Mr. Earl for one last interview together in September 2021, and we hope to remember and celebrate Ms. Ros through sharing some of that footage later this year. 

For now, Ms. Ros, may our holistic legal advocacy be forever in your honor. Rest in peace, and rest in power, Ms. Ros.