Under the Arch Ep. 5

ArchCity Defenders and Action St. Louis present the premiere collaborative podcast, “Under The Arch.” Your hosts Blake Strode, Executive Director of ArchCity Defenders, and Kayla Reed, Director of Action St. Louis, explore the issues facing our community and the people working to transform them.

This week’s episode explores the relationship between oppression/discrimination, identity, and mental health with Dr. Kira Hudson Banks, a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Louis University.

Dr. Hudson Banks’s research examines the experience of discrimination, its impact on mental health, and intergroup relations. She also has a YouTube channel, including the popular series Raising Equity, which explores what it looks like to intentionality raise children with an equity mindset-with the knowledge and understanding of systemic inequities and to equip them to create an equitable society rather than accept the status quo. She is also the Co-Founder and Co-Principal of an organizational consulting firm called The Mouse and the Elephant.

Follow Dr. Kira Hudson Banks on Twitter @kirabanks and Instagram @DrKiraBanks. Check out the latest season of “Raising Equity” video podcast episodes on YouTube.

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