Community Action

ArchCity Defenders collaborates with organizers, activists, and other advocacy partners on local events, initiatives, and campaigns to build community power in furtherance of a commitment to racial justice, human dignity, and liberation in St. Louis and beyond.

We are active in coalitions calling for accountability among public officials and policymakers. We help to organize town halls to provide community members with an outlet to share their ideas of what it means to re-envision public safety. ACD partners with aligned organizations and individuals to design electoral debates and forums in a way that elevates issues disproportionately impacting poor people and black people in the region.

We support bailouts that bring public awareness to the harms of mass incarceration and help to free people from cages. We joined with our community partners to launch the Close the Workhouse campaign, which is developing directly-impacted people into leaders in the effort to permanently shutter a notoriously hellish local jail and decarcerate St. Louis.

ACD remains committed to deep and sustained community collaboration because we believe that it is the only way to achieve lasting systemic change.