St. Louis American: Inmate with paraplegia receives shower after suing city

March 30, 2021

By St. Louis American Staff


With the help of several legal organizations, a 40-year-old City Justice Center inmate with paraplegia received a shower after suing the city, alleging that in the more than 160 days he’s been detained he has not been provided a wheel-chair accessible shower.

On Friday, ArchCity Defenders announced the City has agreed to provide Anthony Tillman with an accessible shower, including the equipment and assistance he needs to safely bathe. Even so, an inspection by Tillman’s legal team revealed that the shower the city provided is actually not ADA compliant.

“Although the physical showers are not ADA-compliant, I am still humbled by the fact that I am at least getting a shower. I still feel like I’m getting retaliated against, because I was brave enough to speak out about the harsh behavior and inhumane practices that go on inside the CJC,” Tillman wrote in a media release.

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