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Statement from ArchCity Defenders and Khazaeli Wyrsch on the Federal Grand Jury Indictment of Four St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Officers Regarding Misconduct During Stockley Protests

November 29, 2018

Today’s charges support what we and our clients have known for months about how SLMPD officers conducted themselves during the Stockley protests. It is obvious from the officers’ own words that they fully intended to, and did, brutalize people who were doing nothing more than exercising their constitutional rights. There is no reason to believe that it was only these four officers engaged in such misconduct, and it is unfathomable that a single undercover officer was the only victim. We represent clients who were also violently attacked, who also suffered, and who also demand justice for that suffering. We fully expect to see more indictments representing many more victims who survived this state violence and police abuse just over a year ago.


Media Contact:
Z. Gorley, Communications Director at ArchCity Defenders