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KMOV4: Justice for Isaiah: Protest planned for the 4th anniversary of South City man killed during SWAT raid

KMOV STAFF // POSTED JUN 7, 2021 Excerpt: Four years ago, Isaiah Hammett was shot and killed inside a South City home during a SWAT raid. Throughout the years, his...

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St. Louis American: City faces lawsuit alleging brutal treatment at CJC

By Dana Rieck Of The St. Louis American Jun 3, 2021 Excerpt: The stories of abuse at City Justice Center detailed in a newly filed lawsuit seem endless —...

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For Immediate Release: New Federal Lawsuit Details Culture of Water Deprivation and Excessive Macing at City Justice Center

May 24, 2021 In the same jail that’s been the source of recent uprisings and public scrutiny, three men detained pretrial are filing a lawsuit alleging their 14th amendment...

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ArchCity Defenders Publishes ‘Know Your Rights’ Guide for People Facing Eviction

ArchCity’s housing rights guide is the latest material designed to help an individual represent, defend, and advocate for themself in court. The majority of people facing eviction are “pro...

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How STL’s Unjust Bail System Fuels the Ongoing Crisis in the Jails

April 5, 2021 Last night, the world once again beheld people whose basic rights have been violated, who have been caged by a system that criminalizes race and poverty,...

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For Immediate Release: Man with Disability Held at City Jail Secures Shower After 160 Days & Lawsuit

City Agreement Comes Shortly After Court Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Jail March 26, 2021 Today in federal court, the City of St. Louis committed to doing the right...

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