Claire Lucas

Where are you from?

University City, MO

When did you join ArchCity Defenders? Why?

Joined in January 2019 as a public service law fellow. I’ve been obsessed with the work of ArchCity since I first heard of it a couple years ago and am thrilled to have made this fellowship a reality. I’m inspired by the focus on community and movement lawyering.

What is your background?

I went to Mizzou for undergrad and Indiana University for a Masters in critical human geography. After graduate school, I worked at an urban planning and community development firm in St. Louis trying to increase access to affordable housing throughout the nation. My law school days were spent 10 minutes from the beach at the University of California-Irvine. During law school, I focused on environmental justice and civil rights broadly, and wrote extensively on administrative law, including federal Indian law and immigration law.

What do you do at ArchCity Defenders?

My role at ArchCity is still developing. The majority of my first month was spent researching and theorizing around ArchCity’s existing civil litigation.

What words would you use to describe ArchCity Defenders?

Real. Collaborative. Passionate. Justice-seeking.

Favorite client memory/win you’ve had?

Every moment spent speaking with incarcerated individuals is a favorite moment. The grace they show in the face of a system and series of events that has led to them being locked up is amazing and inspires me to work even harder and more vigorously.

Fun/personal fact you want to share.

I decided I wanted to be a lawyer after working on The Good Wife.