Estelle Phillips

BS, Marketing and Communications, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Estelle was raised in sunny Southern California. Since graduating from college in 2016 Estelle has built a strong professional profile, her experience has ranged from human resources, program development in the non-profit sector, and event and strategic planning in higher education. Prior to coming to ACD, Estelle worked as a career development instructor at a higher education institution. Estelle has also started her own events and marketing company in which she plays an integral role in curating events for the STL metropolitan area ranging from the social to the political sector.

Estelle was drawn to the Executive Assistant position at ACD because by taking on this role she is able to do something that she is good at which is organizational structure, whilst being able to do something that she is passionate about which is contributing towards human service. Her values align with ACD’s vision to see a society liberated from systems of oppression.

Fun Fact: I eat food for fun. I like to take photos of food. I like to have discussions about food. I am a foodie. I frequent restaurants often. Some would call it greed or gluttony—I’d like to think of it as a necessity. Food is our common ground, a universal experience.