Jack Waldron

Art History, Criticism and Conversation, Fordham University
J.D., Saint Louis University School of Law

Jack is from Omaha, NE and works as the Managing Attorney in the Civil Litigation department. Jack credits volunteering at ACD as inspiring him to go to law school so he could do the work. After graduating from law school in 2017, Jack started in the Civil Litigation department at ACD as a Staff Attorney, with a focus on combatting systemic abuses ranging from police misconduct to debtors’ prison claims. Before becoming Managing Attorney, Jack held the role of Lead Attorney in the Civil Litigation Department.

Between college and ACD, Jack worked as a case manager at The Center for Community Alternatives, as a math teacher in New Orleans, and as an English teacher in St. Louis.

Fun/personal fact:
I was the intramural ping pong champion of my high school.