Jacqueline Kutnik-Bauder

Where are you from?

Born in New York, live in Hawaii for three years, but primarily grew up in San Diego.

When did you join ArchCity Defenders? Why?

January. I wanted to get back to my advocacy roots.

What is your background (work and education)?

Education: MSW and JD from Washington University in St. Louis; BA from University of California at Davis; I also have taken PhD level courses at SLU in the American Studies program.

What do you do at ArchCity Defenders?

I am the Managing Attorney for Civil Rights and Systemic Litigation.

What words would you use to describe ArchCity Defenders?

Dedicated, fighters, disruptive.

Favorite client memory/win you’ve had?

Watching two clients get released on their own recognizance after being denied a bail hearing for over twenty days each.

Fun/personal fact you want to share.

I’ve been a certified Zumba instructor for over 12 years.