John Bonacorsi

Where are you from?
St. Louis, MO

When did you join ArchCity Defenders?
Fall 2019

What is your background?
I grew up in St. Louis. Before returning home to work at ArchCity, I spent most of the prior eleven
years living in California for work and school. I previously worked at the Prison Law Office, where I
traveled to prisons across the state to help people in prison challenge inhumane prison conditions
and access medical and mental health care. During law school, in addition to interning at ArchCity, I
had the privilege of working at the Community Justice Project and Silicon Valley De-Bug, two
organizations whose visions, values, and commitments to organizing inspire me greatly.

What do you do at ArchCity Defenders?
As part of my fellowship, I am primarily focused on helping community members secure or
maintain housing while challenging local policies that criminalize homelessness.

Fun/personal fact you want to share.
I currently live on the same street where my great-grandparents lived.