Madison Orozco

B.A. International Relations, Pomona College, Claremont, CA

Where are you from?
Nashville, TN

When did you join ACD? Why?
I joined as an Episcopal Service Corps Fellow working in Community Collaborations in August 2019. After moving to St. Louis in August 2018 to participate in a service year program through the Episcopal Service Corps, I got very involved with the Close the Workhouse campaign. Through that, I learned more about the work, mission, and vision of ACD and quickly realized it was a place that I wanted to be connected to in any way possible. As I am deeply passionate about criminal justice reform work and am currently deciding whether or not I want to become a lawyer, when the opportunity to work with ACD beyond volunteering presented itself, I was so excited to come aboard!

What is your background?
While I am from the South, when deciding where to attend college I definitely believed that I wanted to leave the region and never look back. I started my time in undergrad in California with a focus on international policy issues, but quickly realized that I felt much more called to focus on domestic issues, specifically those that directly affected communities of color in South. To put it bluntly, I decided that I couldn’t just run away from issues that seemed too hard to solve. I spent my senior year leading a mentor program for multi-racial/ethnic students and learning more about the dynamics of race and poverty in the South, and moved to St. Louis shortly after graduation in the hopes of putting this education to good use. While I know it is considered the Mid-West, St. Louis feels pretty Southern, and the racial dynamics play out in many of the same ways. During my time thus far in St. Louis, I participated in a service year program, working as a community organizer with Missouri Health Care for All. I have also become very involved in the activist community, volunteering on campaigns with Jobs with Justice, SEIU Local 1, CAPCR, Close the Workhouse, and others, and am a member of the local DSA chapter, serving as the co-chair of the Criminal Justice Reform Working Group.

What do you do at ACD?
Episcopal Service Corps Fellow, working in Community Collaborations. I work directly with our Manager of Community Collaborations, Inez Bordeaux, to help coordinate advocacy efforts around our current campaigns such as Close the Workhouse.

What words would you use to describe ACD?
Impactful, Intentional, Relentless

Fun/ personal fact you want to share?
I am an avid hockey fan and have seen my favorite team, the Nashville Predators, play in four different cities.