Michael-John Voss

Where are you from?

All over.

When did you join ArchCity Defenders? Why?

2009. Because it needed to exist.

What is your background (work and education)?

Undergrad at the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign for Photography and Art History, focusing on Asian Art History. Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign. Former Public Librarian at Chicago Public Library. Graduated in 2009 from St. Louis University School of Law.

What do you do at ArchCity Defenders?

A bit of everything.

What words would you use to describe ArchCity Defenders?

Persistent, innovative, radical, woke.

Favorite client memory/win you’ve had?

Sharing a bottle of champagne with a client and the team to celebrate her getting her licensure back after a decade of fighting.

Fun/personal fact you want to share.

Father of twins who are as old as this organization!