Z Gorley

Where are you from?

Cincinnati, OH

When did you join ArchCity Defenders? Why?

Joined ACD in August 2016. Believe in ACD’s commitment to challenging state violence, racial injustice and the criminalization of poor people.

What is your background (work and education)?

Studied American Studies and Social Work at Saint Louis University. Prior to joining ACD, I did community organizing, development, and media advocacy work.

What do you do at ArchCity Defenders?

Through social media, news media, & alternative media (podcasts/film, etc) I help people get to know about ACD, what we do, who we are, and why.

What words would you use to describe ArchCity Defenders?

Genuine, tireless, dedicated to our clients, and radical.

Favorite client memory/win you’ve had?

It’s hard to pick one. In general– seeing clients get back on their feet after they’ve been knocked down (often by the legal system). Whether they’re getting into housing, getting their story out and being heard, or just having less stress in their life.

Fun/personal fact you want to share.

I used to read the dictionary and study words for fun. Also used to study/speak Arabic, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.